Friday, 6 July 2007

Positive Interventions

One of the ways Positive Intervention can be defined is an activity which is intended to create well-being "by cultivating pleasant emotions, strengths and/or meaning" (JPawelski 2006). Here's a short video of an inspirational positive intervention, devised by Juan Mann in Sydney, Australia.

I suspect that people watching it may think it's completely irrelevant to organisational well-being. The point, however, is not the intervention per se - I've used it as an illustration of the impact of reconnecting on a very basic level with other people. Watching the clip you get a sense of how, day-to-day, people often don't really connect with each other, and that when they make the effort to do so, they are completely transformed - they laugh, smile, dance and skip and are brimming over with energy.

You might be interested to know Mann's Free Hugs Campaign has since become a global phenomenon, with its own website.

I'll be looking at other examples of Positive Interventions in later posts.

My thanks to Marie-Josee Salvas, MAPP Pennsylvania student, for the link.

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