Thursday, 19 June 2008

Positive Psychology - Strengths

At college today our MAPP class completed a SWOT Analysis for Positive Psychology. Here's a summary of what we thought are its greatest Strengths (not necessarily in priority order) :

  • Evidence-based
  • Universal - applies to all cultures and all life-stages
  • Captures the public imagination
  • Provides a common language
  • Deals with real-life issues
  • Brings together diverse fields, such as economics, politics, design and philosophy
  • Goes beyond the "medical model" of traditional psychology
  • Underpins sustainable development
  • Bridges academia and real world
  • Acknowledges the negative in human experience
  • Gives us resources
I'll post some further info on the SWOT over the next few days.

Thanks to:

Lucy, Francesca, Claire, Paul, Emily, Charlotte, Elena, Melody, Sam, Valerie, Eleni, Cassie & Ilona for their input, and to Dr Carol Craig & Nic Marks for suggesting the exercise.

Image: Editor B

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